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About Us


Tom Virzi, PhD

Executive Director

Research Ecologist

Kristen Faust, MS

Board Member, President

Dr. Joe DelGiodice

Board Member, Secretary

Sean Murphy, PhD

Research Ecologist

David Tafoya

Wildlife Biologist

Meet Our Team


  • We are a nonprofit scientific research organization focused on providing sound solutions for avian conservation issues.

  • Conservation InSight was founded in 2017 with the goal of finding innovative ways to share scientific research with the public in order to foster a better connection between people and nature.


  • Our mission is to provide evidence-based scientific findings that may be used by federal and state agencies, natural resource managers, and communities to inform decision making. 


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13203 SE 172nd Ave

Suite 166-121

Happy Valley, OR 97086

Conservation InSight

(503) 607-7587

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